Buenos Aires, Argentina

Old world blends with new in Buenos Aires,
Argentina’s bustling metropolis that will have you sighing over its Belle Époque architecture, cobblestone streets lined with adorable cafés and boutiques, and neighbourhoods (barrios) bursting with personality.

First-time visitors tend to associate Buenos Aires with tango,

steak, and wine—that trifecta of local passions—but the Argentine capital’s French buildings, Italian food, and Spanish nightlife also tell the story of a city with one foot in Latin America and the other in Europe.

While there are key sites worth ticking off such as the Casa Rosada

or Teatro Colón opera house, the essence of Buenos Aires is taking coffee at a barrio café watching the world saunter by, or browsing the latest exhibit at a hip gallery before lingering over a three-hour lunch. The city takes on a different energy once the sun sets. Dinner starts late—typically from 9 p.m. onwards—then moves onto a watering-hole for cocktails, or even a club. Surprised you made it to dawn? Buenos Aires is now under your skin, and you’ll want to enjoy every minute.