Florence, Italy

Nestled in the Tuscan hills, Florence is an amber-preserved Renaissance
time capsule. Compact and perfect, the home of Lorenzo il Magnifico and Dante before him has been neatly caught in time and even a casual stroll through the city streets—which can easily take you end to end of the city—feels like a museum tour: when you walk Florence’s clean sandstone streets you walk in the lively company of Medici ghosts.

Visit the grand Duomo and Uffizi Gallery,

walk along the Ponte Vecchio, take a moment between to sip a dense cioccolato before diving back in, and don’t worry about getting lost in the past for too long: within these cobbled alleys and broad square palazzi, luxury brands and new museums have taken over many a staid old palace, resurrecting the landscape to court a thoroughly modern traveller.