Mykonos, Greece

Popularized by Jackie O as one of the most elegant
destinations in Greece, a vacation in Mykonos is characterized by a pervasive sense of privacy and tranquility even in the highest of seasons. As British writer Lawrence Durrell wrote on his travels: 'However many tourists come with their chatter and their litter, little Mykonos will not let the stranger down.'

The Grecian island characterized in myth as the

ancient birthplace of light itself now offers a secluded and exclusive getaway sought after by jet-setters, yachters, and anyone who wants to be beautified by its warm rose-gold sunlight or play house in one of its distinctive white Cycladic cubist buildings. At every angle Mykonos offers spectacular views of the sea—and under it as well, as shipwreck explorations are a popular underwater pastime along with snorkeling and scubaing.